Below are our Frequently Asked Questions – if your particular FAQ hasn’t been answered, please get in touch!


We are open:

Monday-Friday 9:00 – 5:30

Saturday 9.00 – 4:00

Closed Sundays

All our latex balloons are treated with ultra hi float for a longer lift. The balloons get smaller each day but float for about a week.

We have a van that can hold 150 helium balloons. Most days we are able to do deliveries.

Yes, we hire bottles of helium. Please ring for prices.

If you hire a helium tank you must blow up the balloons as close to the time of the event as possible.

Yes we do, but we need to see the latex balloons before we commit to blowing them up. Any breakages on inflation need to have the helium paid for.

If you bring in your own foils we can blow them up, but we can’t take responsibility if they are faulty. The helium needs to be paid for.

If you use our balloons and they are faulty we will be only too happy to replace them.

We do not hire costumes or accessories. All are for sale only.

Red Fox Party cannot stress enough that this is not recommended; inhaling gas from a helium balloon could be fatal.

Helium gas displaces the air in the lungs in the same way water does when you drown and can quickly cause loss of consciousness – you can stop breathing and die.

Also, inhaling helium gas under pressure direct from the pump can rupture air sacs in the lung.